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"I was very pleased with this program ("Lincoln's Fifth Wheel").  The topic and the materials provided were wonderful. I feel that when I learn something new, then that is a success. This is not a well-known topic, but an important one.  Our goal was to include topics from the Civil War about civilian life and the response to the war.  This program perfectly illustrated this topic."

Joe Brentano
Site Administrator
Grinter Place Historic Site
Kansas City, KS

"The Reverend and Mrs. Johnson live today through George and Diane Bernheimer. Their creative, entertaining, and educational presentation ("Their Last Evening: The Reverend Thomas & Sarah Johnson") is a must see for all students of history.  Each minute of the Bernheimer-Johnson tour to the painful days of turmoil surrounding the United States Civil War is well worth the trip."

Alana Smith
Westport Historical Society
Westport, MO

"In the 13-year history of the "Bleeding Kansas" program series at Constitution Hall in Historic Lecompton, Kansas, there have been almost a dozen first-person portrayal programs presented.  Without a doubt, George & Diane Bernheimer's presentation ... titled "Their Last Evening:  Reverend Thomas & Sarah Johnson", was one of the finest performances yet.  Exquisitely attired, the Bernheimer's are gifted reenactors and living history educators.  We look forward to having them back again, and so will our audience."

Tim Rues
Site Administrator
Constitution Hall State Historic Site
Lecompton, KS

"The knowledge and authenticity of George and Diane Bernheimer in the presentation of the Reverend Thomas and Sarah Johnson at the Reverend Nathan Scarritt House was excellent.  The people young and old at every level of understanding of the history of Westport, Missouri were caught up in what these two very committed people presented."

Greg Patterson, Chairman Westport 175
Greg Patterson & Associates
Kansas City, MO

"The U.S. Sanitary Commission has been a feature at the annual Civil War Day at the Museum of the Kansas National Guard, Topeka, for the past several years.  Its tent display provides a realistic and authentic picture of the Civil War and calls attention to the extreme conditions under which the Civil War was fought.

"Both re-enactors and visitors are intrigued by the stories shared by the Bernheimer's as they take them back into Civil War history, which is so much a part of Kansas history.  Their demonstrations and exhibit are an integral part of our Civil War re-enactments and their contribution to the history of the Kansas Militia and Kansas National Guard is greatly appreciated.

"Thanks for sharing your talents and your U.S. Sanitary Commission with us."

Ed Gerhardt, BG (Ret)
Museum Board of Directors
Museum of the Kansas National Guard
Topeka, KS

"This informative program ("Their Last Evening: The Reverend Thomas & Sarah Johnson") brings to life a fascinating pioneering missionary couple, after whom Kansas' most populous county was named.  You will be amazed at the many contradictions in their lives as well as the unique contributions they made to early Kansas history.  Carefully researched and sensitively portrayed."

Diane Eickhoff
Author of "Revolutionary Heart: The Life of Clarina Nichols and the Pioneering Crusade for Women's Rights"

"I have loved your presentation (Their Last Evening: The Reverend Thomas & Sarah Johnson) since the first time I saw it at the Posse of Westerners in Prairie Village, Kansas.  One, I love that it is both Reverend and Mrs. Johnson.  She was a part of this ministry from the beginning and deserves "equal billing" so to speak.  The story of the Johnson's is a complicated one in which many people take sides as they do on most events/stories related to the Border War and Civil War.  Your presentation is balanced, well-researched, and documented.  Your work on the relationship between the Johnson family and Uncle Jack has brought new scholarship, perspective, and understanding of Reverend Johnson and his thoughts on slavery."

Alisha Cole
Museum Consultant
Missouri Humanities Council
St Louis, MO

"The presentation of the Reverend Thomas and Sarah Johnson bring the tense and fascinating times of the Border War and Civil War to life.  The visitors and re-enactors were captivated with this story at the Civil War on the Border event at Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop and Farm.  This story affected not only Kansas but the rest of the Nation.  George and Diane Bernheimer bring the emotion of the Reverend and Sarah with authenticity and passion."

Alexis Woodall
Events Coordinator
Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop and Farm
Olathe, KS

"George and Diane have portrayed the Reverend Thomas and Sarah Johnson and have done a US Sanitary Commission impression at Fort Scott National Historic Site.  The Bernheimer's are a joy to work with.  They are consummate professionals thoroughly researching their subjects and presenting compelling and accurate portrayals.  We asked them to tailor their performance to emphasize certain aspects of the Johnsons' lives and they were most agreeable in providing us what we wanted.  We hope to have them back again soon."

Kelley Collins
Chief of Interpretation and Resource Management
Fort Scott National Historic Site
Fort Scott, KS

"Many audience members came up and told me how great it ("A Visit With the Johnson's") was. Fantastic!"

Kandice Walker
The John Wornall House Museum
Kansas City, MO

"I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your Wilson program ("From Frontier Post to Thriving Community") at Good Ol' Days.  The Wilson's are in many respects tough to flesh out since we have not found any letters, diaries, etc. from them.  You were able to take what materials you could find and blend them with the history of the Fort, the community, and the territory/state so well....Very well done indeed!"

Michelle Martin
Discovering History, LLC
Bartlesville, OK

"Thank you for such an excellent presentation ("Lincoln's Fifth Wheel") at our Lions Club.  Everyone was so impressed.  The only regret was that we didn't have time for more questions and answers!"

Van Chang
Program Chairman
Topeka Lions Club
Topeka, KS

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